Sonos knocks 20 percent off Move and Roam speakers

With summer around the corner, Sonos has discounted both of its Bluetooth speakers. For a limited time, you can buy the Sonos Move and more affordable Roam for $319.20 and $143.20, down from their usual $399 and $179 price tags. It’s a rare discount from the company, and Amazon is matching, with both Move and Roam available for less. If you’re looking at buying a Roam speaker, note that the recently announced Wave, Sunset and Olive models aren’t included in the sale.

Buy Sonos Roam at Sonos – $143.20Buy Sonos Move at Sonos – $319.20Buy Sonos Roam at Amazon – $143.20Buy Sonos Move at Amazon – $319.20

Of the two speakers, the Roam is probably the better purchase for most people. Not only is it more affordable than Move, but it’s also more portable thanks to its smaller size and lighter weight. Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham gave the Sonos Roam a score of 87 when he reviewed it in 2021, calling it a much easier sell than its predecessor. He praised the speaker for its audio quality and versatility but found battery life fell short of the 10 hours promised by Sonos.

Reviewing the Sonos Move in 2019, Ingraham awarded the speaker a score of 80. At nearly $80 off, the discounted Move addresses one of the major shortcomings of the speaker: its hefty price tag. The Move is one of the most versatile Bluetooth speakers you can find, with features like wireless charging and a water-resistant design included as part of the package. But that adaptability comes at the cost of a device that is heftier than your average portable speaker.

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